Our History

Smart Cell Buy Back, established in 2001 as a one-person venture handling over 50 weekly orders by selling customer returns, has embarked on an incredible journey over the past 20 years. Evolving significantly, the company now specializes in refurbishing a diverse range of electronics, focusing on smartphones, tablets, and small electronic devices.

Our Vision

Already having access to volumes of stock,
our vision is to expand our in-house refurbishment centre, and our range of refurbished electrical products.

Our Aim

At Smart Cell Buy Back we believe the experience of buying a pre-owned device should be just as good as buying a new one – only much more affordable!

Why trust us?

Our smartphones are sim free avoiding the hassle of changing your number, and we post your refurbished device to your destination totally free of charge. Our experts have taken great care of the products, providing a thorough quality check, inspection as well as factory audit. And during this sensitive time, we have taken extra measures to sanitise all orders before we dispatch.