Grading Guideline

When it comes to grading the Used, Second-hand and Smart Cell Buy Back Devices we understand that this can be difficult. So we use a few combined methods to get it right as possible

a) Each grade needs to fit a specification grade list
b) Each device is assessed by at least 3 technicians and finally graded by our quality assurance team.


''Excellent" The device should be in Pristine condition. If there are signs of use (if any) these must represent minute scuffs that cannot be seen from 12 inches away

''Very Good" The device considered to be in Excellent condition by technicians with only slight signs of use. No deep scratches on screen with minor/minimal scuffs limited to the casing

''Good" The device that you would expect to show signs of average usage but no cracks or missing parts and in great working order.

''Fair" The device is in Fair Condition. Cosmetically the device will show heavy signs of use, including scratches and scuffs to the screen and casing. It won t have cracks on the screen or casing..

Devices with conditions outside of the above will have explicit details in description.

All devices are tested using unique diagnostic software which also wipes all data seen and hidden in cache

We offer an easy 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy. Money back or a replacement device - you choose.